Privé Jets Air Charter Services

If you are looking for the best air charter service provider you don't need to look any further. Privé Jets has the most experienced aircraft rental specialists that can assist you with all your air charter service needs.

From helicopter rental in Cote d'Azur to jet charter in New York City or an air charter in Dubai you can rest assured Privé Jets will be by your side to provide you with the most upscale air charter service. Our flight directors guarantee having an aircraft ready within four hours notice in the continental US, other countries require 6 to 10 hours notice.

The benefits of Privé Jets' air charter services far outweigh any other flight experience, be it commercial airliner, fractional jet ownership or another private aircraft rental service. We offer a superior program with unparalleled customer service designed to offer you meaningful savings and personalized comfort.

No more airport hassle. Instead of paying for parking, waiting in check-in lines, removing your shoes for security and being stranded because of layovers and delays, our air charter services let you arrange your own departure times and travel in comfort as you dine, relax, or conduct business.

Additionally to complement your aircraft rental experience our 24 hour concierge desk, available free of charge for our aircraft charter customers, will take care of all arrangements concerning your trip. Ground transportation, catering, event tickets and accommodations are but a few of the worries that Privé Jets concierge can take away from you.

No extra fees. Partially or fully owned private jets are burdened by costly maintenance fees, acquisition fees, and hangar fees. With Privé Jets aircraft rental and air charter services, you only pay for the hours when you are in the air - no long term contractual obligations, no membership fees, no prepaid hours that expire at the end of the year. Our four risk-free card options through our Jet Setter Program deliver total flexibility, ideal for all types of fliers.

Aircraft rental prices usually vary from country to country, our knowledgeable charter specialist will make sure to provide you with the most competitive aircraft rental pricing our state of the art logistics system.