How charter flights compare to Commercial travel

Regardless if your travel needs are professional or luxury, travel via private charter flights is significantly more convenient and efficient when compared to commercial travel. Book your travel with the availability of thousands more accessible executive and private airports to get you closer to your destination, and with the flexibility to be able to alter your itinerary plans at a moment’s notice without the inconvenience of missing your flight, accepting unsuitable new timing options, and paying additional rebooking costs. Traveling on commercial airline’s schedule, waiting endless hours in airport security lines and commuting additional hours just to get to your final destination is a thing of the past. By traveling on charter flights, passengers can take back ownership of their time, and make decisions that enable them be more productive.

Charter flights offer the necessary privacy required by high level passengers that commercial flights simply cannot. Exclusivity should not end once your arrive at the airport, and with the convenience of arriving directly to a low traffic FBO, luxury of boarding your private flight within minutes of your arrival, and the assurance that your private charter flight companions are exclusively those whom you have selected to share the experience with, you will enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

Especially for our executive travelers, Charter Flights represent the opportunity to increase profitability by transforming traditional exhausting commercial travel, into well utilized time conducting business. Visit multiple office locations, even attend meetings in multiple cities all in the span of one day, and in between flights, transform your cabin into your in-air board room to strategize and prepare for your next big move.

If you seek elegance and beauty to deliver an unforgettable moment for a special someone, or simply need time alone in between meetings to recharge before arriving home to your loved ones, only on a Private Charter Flight will your experience exceed your expectations.

Professionalism, discreetness and luxury treatments are standards for every Charter Flight delivered by the experienced agents at Privé Jets.