Executive Jet Charters

Flying first class is a thing of the past; today's most discerning business travelers now opt for the more luxurious, more efficient, corporate air charter. At Privé Jets, we recognize that your time is valuable-our business jet charters provide maximum comfort and convenience, allowing you to arrive at your destination quickly and smoothly and be rested and ready to resume productivity. When companies are doing tours of multiple cities, and have limited time to do so, corporate air charter might be the only way to go.

Business jet charter allows you to avoid long lines at the security check-points, connections and the hassle of lost luggage. Furthermore, executive jet charters are at your disposition to depart at your command.

With over 5,000 private jets available for corporate air charter, 4 risk-free card options, extensive concierge services, and over 140 full-time professional travel consultants, Privé Jets is an ideal program for all types of business traveler. Fuel efficient turbo props are a cost-effective alternative to the hassle of commercial airlines.

Heavy Jet Charters

The top of the line heavy jets are excellent for an executive jet charter, providing upscale comfort catering your preferences, and designed for your particular business needs.

VIP configuration on private jets allows for business meeting to take place while in the air. During longer trips, heavy jets can be configured to have beds and allow executives to rest.

Our card programs are ideal for executives who are always on the go. Ranging from as low as $50,000 the Jet Setter program allows for last minute bookings without any delays. Pricing on corporate jet charter can be reduced up to 6% compared to Privé Jets on-demand service.

Fiscally responsible companies recognize the advantages of a business jet charter, or executive jet charter over fractionally owned jets. While jet ownership requires costly acquisition, maintenance, hangar fees, and binding long term contracts, Privé Jets only charges you for the time that you fly-no membership fees, no pre-paid flight time that expires each year, and no additional upkeep charges. With Privé Jets, you have access to the absolute best in corporate air charter for a fraction of the cost of private jet ownership.