Private Business Jets

Time is money in the business world. Today's top executives can't afford to waste hours on layovers, security lines and unscheduled delays. Private Business jets allow the executives to visit multiple cities in one day without the hassles of connections and long commutes. Smart companies boost productivity by investing in business jet travel, allowing their VIPs to get closer to their destination than with any commercial airliner - and in less time! Furthermore an executive jet gives you total privacy to conduct business or meetings without having to worry about revealing valuable information to other unwanted individuals.

Along with access to business jets to meet your every need, our team provides personalized service unparalleled by any airline. We tailor each flight specifically to your preferences and requests. Departure times are set by you - we can book a corporate jet within 4 hours notice in the continent of the US and the aircraft departs as soon as you arrive.

Corporate Jet Charter

Fiscally responsible companies recognize the advantages of business jets or private business jets over fractionally owned jets. While jet ownership requires costly acquisition, maintenance and hangar fees and binding long term contracts, Privé Jets only charges you for the time that you fly - no membership fees, no pre-paid flight time that expires each year, no additional upkeep charges. With Privé Jets, you have access to the absolute best in corporate jet charter for a fraction of the cost of private jet ownership.

Need special catering, ground transportation, concert tickets or arrangements for an executive jet? Or team will work to fulfill every request.