The Privacy and comfort of private flights

The level of privacy and comfort enjoyed on private jet flights is matched only by the beauty of the select exclusive destinations of your choice. Today, private aviation has become the preferred way to fly regardless if the final destination is a luxury vacation or a high-value business meeting.

More important than arriving to your business meeting on time is arriving refreshed, prepared and ready to dazzle. Your ambitions lead you to weekly meetings in London and in order to maximize your time and productivity, you plan your six plus hour flight strategically, converting the spacious and comfortable cabin into your boardroom, fully equipped for presentations and conference calls. Your friendly cabin attendant is ready to assist in your every need, and when you feel you have strategized enough, you can take a moment to unwind in the privacy of your own in-air office space. With thousands more private airports that service executive and private flights, often times you will save countless hours by avoiding driving to your final destination. Many executive airports are also equipped with luxurious and well-staffed board rooms which can be rented by the hour.

Many of the most beautiful destinations in the world, are also the most exclusive and often times can only be reached via private flights. Booking your next vacation may mean visiting some of the most elusive places on the planet, and you should not be limited by restrictions of commercial aviation. Thanks to the flexibility of on-demand private flights, your private jet will be ready to depart at the hour of your choice. Plans change? No worries, so will your itinerary according to your request.

Private flights can be arranged for multi-leg luxury tours to visit any destination across the world. Luxury private vacations can be arranged for couples and small groups, as well as large groups of over 200 people, and all be accommodated on a single private aircraft. Unlike commercial aviation where both the trip and the destination means sharing your time and space with strangers, private aviation offers you the benefit of flying and arriving without ever having to separate or sacrifice your privacy.

With a network of over 7000 top-of-the-line private jet aircraft to choose from, your personal Privé Jets agent is eager to assist you in your every request, and qualified to make educated suggestions based on your travel and destination preferences. Your entire experience with Privé Jets, from requesting a private flight quote to stepping off the runway will meet your expectations and leave you with a sense of comfort and satisfaction. With flexible payment options including credit cards, wire transfers and our risk free pre-paid card programs, Jet Setter Program and the Privé Jets 25 hour card, Privé Jets is committed to delivering to you the private aviation experience you deserve.