Advantages of Private Jets:

The fact that flying on Private Jets should only be reserved as a luxury expense is far from reality. In today’s globalized world, countless companies benefit from the innovative advantage that only private aviation can provide to help keep them ahead of their competitors. Some of the most evident advantages of private aviation is the flexibility one can enjoy by being able to travel based on whatever one’s dynamic schedule demands. Furthermore, is the convenience of landing closer to one’s final destination by being able to access more airports such as private or executive airports. Private Jets have access to more than twice as many airports than commercial airlines. Corporate jets are able to take you much closer to your final destination than a commercial airline, helping you avoid unnecessary connecting stops and long drives.

Corporate Aircraft are not just a transportation tool. When your aircraft can give you the same privacy and comfort as that of your own boardroom, conducting business while traveling means taking your executives’ valuable time to a new level of productivity. Day trips to a factory or visiting multiple locations and cities in one day is nearly impossible using commercial flights, and a ready availability using Private Airplanes. Furthermore, during your corporate flight, you are able to prepare for your next meeting or strategize with your team. Business Jets have become a widely adopted business tool to keep corporations ahead within their industries first and foremost by providing the unique opportunity of optimizing their executives' time.

Less time spent traveling not only results in cost savings, but also enables Private Jet flyers to spend more time with families. Sometimes, corporate travel means executives are able to spend more time at home with their families and ultimately providing them with a healthier work-life balance. On other occasion, Private Flight passengers look more like leisure travelers looking for an unforgettable experience. Either of these situations are only possible thanks to the time saving benefits of traveling corporate.

Executive airports are also one of the main advantages when traveling via a private jet. Executive airports are always closer to business centers, and have the advantage of being located in less congested traffic areas. Many executive airports even have Fixed Base Operations (FBO’s) equipped with private meeting rooms, executive offices or boardrooms that can be rented for the day.

A final key difference between commercial airports and executive airports is the volume of aircraft and passenger traffic. Thanks to their lower traffic volume, there are virtually no wait lines or long taxi times like those experienced at commercial airports, significantly reducing your travel time. Due to passenger pre-checks, Private Jet flyers can enjoy avoiding endless check-in and customs lines, enabling them to check-in just minutes before their flight.