Avoid Winter Flight Delays by Flying Private

Avoid Winter Flight Delays by
Flying Private

The winter travel season is notorious for travel disruptions such as delays and cancellations. Most commercial airlines will remain grounded during times of heavy snowfall, ice, and freezing temperatures. These winter conditions often leave thousands of airline passengers stranded due to airline flight cancellations and closed airports. Despite the travel chaos that arises during sever winter weather, you can still fly by private jet.

You might wonder how it is possible for private jets to fly during inclement weather, but the answer is simple: more airports and flexibility. Private jets have access to more airports than commercial airlines. This is due in part to most private jets' ability to land on and take off from shorter runways. If snowfall or icy conditions are extreme in one area of the country, a pilot can decide to land at an airport that is least affected by the bad weather. Also, planes have to undergo mandatory de-icing, and runways have to be cleared for snow. These processes can be completed more quickly at smaller airports and private jet terminals, since there is less traffic and a smaller taxiway area.

If you have ever experienced the nightmare of being stranded by a commercial airline, and if you want to prevent it from happening to you, consider booking a private jet. Privé Jets can have you wheels up in as little as four hours notice on the private aircraft of your choice. So, before you risk being left behind on your next winter flight, contact Privé Jets.

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