Bombardier's Global 7000 Expected to Enter Service in 2017

Bombardier's Global 7000
Expected to Enter Service in 2017

Bombardier Aerospace first announced the launching of its Global 7000 aircraft program in 2010 with the expectation of the ultra long-range VIP jet to enter service in 2016. However, the schedule for the completion of the aircraft has been delayed due to billions in unexpected costs and other requirements associated with developing the new aircraft.

The Canadian manufacturer boasts the Global 7000 as being the first and only ‘four-zone’ cabin. The Global 7000 will feature four individual living spaces, starting with a galley designed to resemble a home kitchen leading into the first passenger zone with club-configured seating, a second passenger zone featuring a table and comfortable seating for six, a third zone organized as a cinema room, and a fourth zone featuring a bedroom.

The Global 7000 is now expected to enter service in 2017. With its long-range performance boasting 7,900nm (14,631 km), and a maximum operating speed of M 0.925, the Global 7000 will have the ability to connect New York City to Dubai, London to Singapore, and Sydney to Los Angeles non-stop.

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