Private Jet Empty Legs

Private Jet
Empty Legs

60% of the time, private jets fly without any passengers on board, Jets usually drop one client in point A and pick up the next one in point B. The distance from point A to point B could be a short hope like Miami to Ft. Lauderdale but it can also be a larger one like New York to Los Angeles. These flights without any passengers on board are called Empty Legs.

Empty legs are usually not offered by your local charter company, 25 hourly cards and fixed hourly programs. On the other hand, Prive Jets do offer empty legs when available to their clients at a point to point price and sometimes at lower prices. The most common routs for empty legs are the coast to coast flights such as New York to Los Angeles and vice versa or the north to south flights such as New York to Miami and vice versa.

Empty legs are not to be confused with one ways that are offered by 25 hour jet cards or fixed hourly programs. These programs claim to offer true one way pricing but the reality is far from the truth. A one way from NY to FL with a 25 hour card program can cost around $12,800 or $11,800 with a fixed hourly program when an empty leg can go for about $8,500 or less.

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