Tips For Flying Private With Babies And Children

Tips For Flying Private With
Babies And Children

Frequently, families who travel with small children and toddlers on private jet charters have a better overall flight experience in comparison to traveling with a commercial airline. There are several advantages of flying with kids on a Privé Jets charter. Below are a few helpful tips to help you enjoy the best travel experience when traveling with family.

Does My Child Need Their Own Seat On A Private Jet?

Does My Child Need Their Own Seat On A Private Jet?

Private jet regulations are the same as commercial airlines and permit a child to travel on your lap only if they are under the age of two years-old. Children who are two years of age and older are required by law to travel in their own seat.

Flying With Newborns

While there are no regulations on how soon you can fly with a newborn baby, we suggest that you only fly with a newborn when you are completely comfortable, and have a valid passport in place for your baby.

Flying With Baby Food & Milk

You can bring on board any food and milk for your baby or child, or we can arrange any special food request you may have. Children’s medication can also be taken on board the aircraft, subject to approved liquid limits. Any special medical needs should be communicated in advance.

What Kind Of Onboard Entertainment Is Available For My Child?

We recommend bringing your child’s favorite toy, blanket and pillow as well as something to entertain them during flight. Though most private jets have in-flight entertainment for viewing and music it’s best to bring some extra stuff specially on long flights.

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