Tips for Flying with Children on a Private Jet

Tips for Flying with Children
on a Private Jet

Traveling with children doesn't have to be stressful. As you prepare to bring your little ones with you on your next charter flight, take a look at our tips on how to fly with children on a private jet.

Seating Arrangements

Private jet regulations permit a child to travel on your lap only if they are under the age of two-years-old. Children two-years-of-age and older are required by law to travel in their own seat. For you and your child’s comfort, Privé Jets can arrange for a child seat or booster seat to be placed on your private jet.

Flying with Babies

Hesitant about traveling with a newborn baby? There’s no need to worry. Currently there are no regulations against flying with a newborn child. However, we suggest that you only fly with a newborn when you are completely comfortable, and have a valid passport for your baby.

Flying with Baby Milk and Food

If you’d like, you can bring your baby’s milk and food on board your private jet. Once you arrive to board your aircraft, you can hand over the baby food to the FBO staff and have them take it on board along with the catering.

If you are flying with your child’s medication, keep in mind that medicine is subject to approved liquid limits. We advise that you inform your Privé Jets account executive in advance if you plan on traveling with medicine, so they can ensure you have a safe and comfortable flight.

Traveling with a Baby Carriage or Stroller

If you are traveling with small children, especially babies it is likely that you will also be traveling with their strollers. Fortunately private jets have fewer luggage restrictions than commercial airlines, and you are able to bring your baby’s stroller straight onto the private jet.

Depending on the size and luggage capacity of your aircraft, it is best that you stow the stroller in the luggage compartment.

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