Tips for Flying with Pets on Private Jets

Tips for Flying with Pets
on Private Jets

Flying private with pets has become increasingly popular as a way of travel given the safety concerns, as well as strict rules and regulations passengers are subject to on commercial flights. On a private flight, pets are allowed to travel with their owner in the aircraft cabin, rather than in the hold along with cargo and luggage. In addition, we are able to make all the arrangements necessary for clients who wish to travel with their pets to ensure the animal's welfare and comfort at all times, including scheduled rest-stops. Here are some quick tips to ensure your next flight with your pet is enjoyable and stress-free.

Make Sure your Pet is Healthy

Make Sure your Pet is Healthy

The FAA requires that pets are at least 8 weeks old for flights within the USA and have a rabies vaccine. We recommend your pet visits the vet a few days before flying to make sure he’s got a health certificate stating all vaccines.

notify your private aviation advisor

Notifying your private aviation advisor when requesting a quote is essential so they can choose the right aircraft for your needs. They will also assist you with the required paperwork needed for each country of destination.

take your pet for a walk

Going for a short walk before a flight can calm your pet’s nerves and they will most likely fall asleep as soon as the aircraft takes off.

pack their favorite goodies

Don’t forget to bring them their favorite toy, a blanket, a training pad in case they need to use the restroom, and some treats, especially for longer flights.

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