What Your Boss Wants to Know About Private Jet Charter

What Your Boss Wants to Know
About Private Jet Charter

Are you responsible for booking your boss’ upcoming travel arrangements? You probably are wondering what type of aircraft is best for his/her travel requirements. Here, we’ve answered a few questions that we’re sure your boss would be glad you asked.


Without a doubt, safety is a top priority for all charter flights. All aircraft used by Privé Jets are certified under FAA Regulations Part 135. This regulation establishes the safety, maintenance, minimum requirements and operation standards for the chartering industry. Our vendors exceed FAA requirements, and have pilots who have attended the nation’s top flight-training facilities and possess thousands of hours of experience. 

Luggage Capacity

Deciding what to bring can be one of the most difficult parts of planning any trip, especially for others. When planning a private jet fight, the amount of luggage that can be brought depends on the size and capacity of your aircraft.

We recommend that passengers use soft-sided duffel bags when possible, as these types of bags makes it easier for the flight crew to organize and properly stow away all items in the luggage department.

Be sure to ask your Privé Jets account executive what the luggage capacity is for your aircraft. Also, it’s a good idea to inform them on how much luggage you intend to bring, so they can better accommodate you.

Onboard Catering

On most flights, Privé Jets can arrange for basic catering which includes dry snacks and soft drinks free of charge. If your boss would prefer to have special catering aboard your private jet, Privé Jets can provide you with a menu of food options during the booking process.

Flight Itinerary Changes

In the event that unforeseen issues occur, and you are required to make changes to your itinerary such as a different departure time or arrival location, contact your Privé Jets account executive immediately. Our staff is available 24/7 to assist you, and make sure all your jet charter needs are fulfilled.

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