Emigrant Gap, California Jet Charter

Hourly Rates Starting At:

  • LIGHT JET $3,000
  • MID SIZE $4,000
  • SUPER MID $4,800
  • HEAVY JET $5,800

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Emigrant Gap, California

Charter a private jet to or from Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport (KBLU)

Below is a list of airports nearby Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport that we charter jets to and from. To charter a private jet, call us +1-866-967-7483 or submit a flight request and a Private Aviation Advisor will contact you once we have found the best quotes for your flight.


Airport Name Airport Code Location Distance
Nevada Co KGOO Grass Valley, CA 16 miles
Georgetown Q61 Georgetown, CA 26 miles
Clear PACL Clear Mews, AK 26 miles
Sierraville Dearwater O79 Sierraville, CA 28 miles
Auburn Mun KAUN Auburn, CA 30 miles
Natomas Q96 Sacramento, CA 34 miles
Brownsville F25 Brownsville, CA 34 miles
Placerville KPVF Placerville, CA 38 miles
Beale Afb KBAB Marysville, CA 40 miles
Nervino O02 Beckwourth, CA 42 miles
Lincoln Regl/Harder KLHM Lincoln, CA 43 miles
Cameron O61 Cameron Park, CA 43 miles
Lake Tahoe KTVL South Lake Tahoe, CA 46 miles
Yuba Co KMYV Marysville, CA 48 miles
Gansner 2O1 Quincy, CA 48 miles
Sutter Co O52 Yuba City, CA 49 miles
Oroville Mun KOVE Oroville, CA 51 miles
Reno - Stead KRTS Reno, NV 52 miles
Reno Tahoe International KRNO Reno, NV 52 miles
Carson City KCXP Carson City, NV 52 miles
Minden - Tahoe KMEV Minden, NV 55 miles
Mc Clellan Afld KMCC Sacramento, CA 56 miles
Paradise Skypark CA92 Paradise, CA 57 miles
Rancho Murieta KRIU Rancho Murieta, CA 58 miles
Richvale 07CL Richvale, CA 59 miles
Sacramento Mather KMHR Sacramento, CA 59 miles
Westover-Amador Co O70 Jackson, CA 62 miles
Sacramento International KSMF Sacramento, CA 62 miles
Alpine Co M45 Markleeville, CA 63 miles
Sacramento Executive KSAC Sacramento, CA 67 miles
Colusa Co O08 Colusa, CA 69 miles
Ranchaero O23 Chico, CA 69 miles
Chico Muni KCIC Chico, CA 71 miles
Borges-Clarksburg CN13 Clarksburg, CA 72 miles
University KEDU Davis, CA 72 miles
Watts-Woodland O41 Woodland, CA 75 miles
Rogers O05 Chester, CA 75 miles
Amedee Aaf KAHC Sierra Army Depot, CA 75 miles
Truckee-Tahoe KTRK Lake Tahoe, CA 75 miles
Susanville Mun KSVE Susanville, CA 76 miles
Franklin F72 Franklin, CA 77 miles
Yolo Co-Davis/Woodland/Winters DWA Davis Woodland Winters, CA 78 miles
Yolo County KDWA Davis, CA 78 miles
Calaveras Co-Rasmussen KCPU San Andreas, CA 78 miles
Lodi 1O3 Lodi, CA 80 miles
Willows-Glenn Co KWLW Willows, CA 82 miles
Haigh O37 Orland, CA 83 miles
Yerington Muni KO43 Yerington, NV 85 miles
Columbia O22 Columbia, CA 88 miles
Lodi Airpark L53 Lodi, CA 89 miles
Kingdon O20 Lodi, CA 89 miles
Corning Mun 0O4 Corning, CA 91 miles
Rio Vista Mun O88 Rio Vista, CA 92 miles
Nut Tree KVCB Vacaville, CA 92 miles
Spaulding 1Q2 Susanville, CA 95 miles
Travis Afb KSUU Fairfield, CA 96 miles
Stockton Metropolitan KSCK Stockton, CA 100 miles