Fitzgerald, Georgia Jet Charter

Hourly Rates Starting At:

  • LIGHT JET $3,000
  • MID SIZE $4,000
  • SUPER MID $4,800
  • HEAVY JET $5,800

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Fitzgerald, Georgia

Charter a private jet to or from Fitzgerald Muni Airport (KFZG)

Below is a list of airports nearby Fitzgerald Muni Airport that we charter jets to and from. To charter a private jet, call us +1-866-967-7483 or submit a flight request and a Private Aviation Advisor will contact you once we have found the best quotes for your flight.


Airport Name Airport Code Location Distance
Henry Tift Myers KTMA Tifton, GA 22 miles
Douglas Muni KDQH Douglas, GA 28 miles
Crisp County Cordele KCKF Cordele, GA 36 miles
Telfair-Wheeler KMQW McRae, GA 37 miles
Heart of Georgia Rgnl KEZM Eastman, GA 38 miles
Sukhumi Dranda UGSS Sukhumi, Georgia 39 miles
Cook County K15J Adel, GA 39 miles
Hazelhurst KAZE Hazelhurst, GA 39 miles
Bacon County KAMG Alma, GA 46 miles
Cochran K48A Cochran, GA 50 miles
Moody Afb KVAD Valdosta, GA 50 miles
Moultrie Muni KMGR Moultrie, GA 52 miles
Baxley Muni KBHC Baxley, GA 52 miles
Ware County KAYS Waycross, GA 60 miles
Valdosta Regional KVLD Valdosta, GA 61 miles
Jimmy Carter Rgnl KACJ Americus, GA 61 miles
Vidalia Rgnl KVDI Vidalia, GA 63 miles
W H Bud Barron KDBN Dublin, GA 63 miles
Perry-Houston County KPXE Perry, GA 64 miles
Quitman Brooks County K4J5 Quitman, GA 64 miles
Thomasville Muni KTVI Thomasville, GA 65 miles
Camilla Mitchell County KCXU Camilla, GA 65 miles
Dawson Muni K16J Dawson, GA 68 miles
Middle Georgia Rgnl KMCN Macon, GA 73 miles
Cairo Grady County K70J Cairo, GA 76 miles
Jesup Wayne County KJES Jesup, GA 82 miles
Robins Afb KWRB Macon, GA 83 miles
Emanuel County KSBO Swainsboro, GA 83 miles
Menominee Marinette Twin Co KMNM Menominee, MI 83 miles
Metter Muni KMHP Metter, GA 84 miles
Claxton Evan County KCWV Claxton, GA 89 miles
Kaolin Field KOKZ Sandersville, GA 92 miles
Decatur County KBGE Bainbridge, GA 94 miles