Pittsfield, Maine Jet Charter

Hourly Rates Starting At:

  • LIGHT JET $2,500
  • MID SIZE $3,000
  • SUPER MID $4,000
  • HEAVY JET $5,000

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Pittsfield, Maine

Charter a private jet to or from Pittsfield Muni Airport (K2B7)

Below is a list of airports nearby Pittsfield Muni Airport that we charter jets to and from. To charter a private jet, call us +1-866-967-7483 or submit a flight request and a Private Aviation Advisor will contact you once we have found the best quotes for your flight.


Airport Name Airport Code Location Distance
Waterville Robert LaFleur KWVL Waterville, ME 22 miles
Central Maine Of Norridgewock KOWK Norridgewock, ME 24 miles
Bangor International KBGR Bangor, ME 27 miles
Augusta State KAUG Augusta, ME 37 miles
DeWitt Field KOLD Old Town, ME 37 miles
Knox Co Rgnl KRKD Rockland, ME 51 miles
Hancock Co Bar Harbor KBHB Bar Harbor, ME 54 miles
Brunswick Executive KBXM Brunswick, ME 66 miles
Auburn Lewiston Muni KLEW Auburn, ME 67 miles
Millinocket Muni KMLT Millinocket, ME 69 miles
Portland International Jetport KPWM Portland, ME 90 miles
Berlin Rgnl KBML Berlin, NH 90 miles
Princeton Muni KPNN Princeton, ME 93 miles
Eastern Slopes Rgnl KIZG Fryeburg, ME 94 miles