Sharon Springs, New York Jet Charter

Hourly Rates Starting At:

  • LIGHT JET $3,000
  • MID SIZE $4,000
  • SUPER MID $4,800
  • HEAVY JET $5,800

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Sharon Springs, New York

Charter a private jet to or from Sharon Airport (K31)

Below is a list of airports nearby Sharon Airport that we charter jets to and from. To charter a private jet, call us +1-866-967-7483 or submit a flight request and a Private Aviation Advisor will contact you once we have found the best quotes for your flight.


Airport Name Airport Code Location Distance
Cooperstown-Westville K23 Cooperstown, NY 19 miles
Fulton Co NY0 Johnstown, NY 20 miles
Knox N65 Quaker Street, NY 21 miles
Duanesburg 4B1 Duanesburg, NY 22 miles
Dolgeville 1F6 Dolgeville, NY 25 miles
Mohawk Valley K13 Scotia, NY 29 miles
Oneonta Mun N66 Oneonta, NY 30 miles
Schenectady Co KSCH Schenectady, NY 33 miles
Wells Seaplane Base 94D Schenectady, NY 34 miles
Frankfort-Highland 6B4 Utica/Frankfort, NY 34 miles
Maben N00 Lexington & Prattsville, NY 34 miles
Greenville-Rainbow 1H4 Greenville, NY 38 miles
Albany International KALB Albany, NY 39 miles
Freehold 1I5 Freehold, NY 39 miles
Plateau Sky Ranch 1F2 Edinburg, NY 39 miles
Oneida Co KUCA Utica, NY 40 miles
Saratoga Co K5B2 Saratoga Springs, NY 41 miles
South Albany 4B0 South Bethlehem, NY 41 miles
Round Lake W57 Round Lake, NY 42 miles
Piseco NY43 Inlet, NY 46 miles
Burrello-Mechanicville K27 Mechanicville, NY 47 miles
Piseco K09 Piseco, NY 47 miles
Hamilton Mun H30 Hamilton, NY 50 miles
Hamilton Municipal KVGC Hamilton, NY 50 miles
Lt Eaton KOIC Norwich, NY 50 miles
Rensselaer Co 5B7 Troy, NY 51 miles
Griffiss Airpark KRME Rome, NY 52 miles
Garnsey's B04 Schuylerville, NY 54 miles
Sidney Mun N23 Sidney, NY 54 miles
Heber Airpark K30 Gansevoort, NY 55 miles
Columbia Co K1B1 Hudson, NY 55 miles
Columbia Co 1B1 Hudson, NY 56 miles
Kline Kill NY1 Ghent, NY 56 miles
Green Acres 1A1 Livingston, NY 61 miles
Beck's Grove K16 Rome, NY 61 miles
Bennett Meml KGFL Glens Falls, NY 62 miles
Kingston-Ulster 20N Kingston, NY 63 miles
Chaplin 1B8 Cambridge, NY 64 miles
Argyle 1C3 Argyle, NY 65 miles
Luther 1D5 Chittenango, NY 66 miles
Sky Park 46N Red Hook, NY 67 miles
William H Morse State KDDH Bennington, VT 68 miles
Greene 4N7 Greene, NY 70 miles
Pittsfield Municipal KPSF Pittsfield, MA 71 miles
Harriman and West KAQW North Adams, MA 72 miles
Resnick N89 Ellenville, NY 73 miles
Stanton 43N New Paltz, NY 74 miles
Sullivan Co Intl KMSV Monticello, NY 75 miles
Airhaven 09N Staatsburg, NY 75 miles
Granville B01 Granville, NY 80 miles
Kirkwood 5N5 Kirkwood, NY 81 miles
Syracuse Hancock International KSYR Syracuse, NY 81 miles
Binghamton Regl/Link KBGM Binghamton, NY 82 miles
Wurtsboro-Sullivan Co N82 Wurtsboro, NY 82 miles
Michael 1G6 Cicero, NY 83 miles
Long Lake/Helms NY9 Long Lake, NY 83 miles
Cortland Co-Chase N03 Cortland, NY 84 miles
Kobelt 10N Wallkill, NY 86 miles
Sky Acres 44N Millbrook, NY 86 miles
Schroon Lake 4B7 Schroon Lake, NY 86 miles
Airlane Enterprises 1H1 Clay, NY 86 miles
Dutchess Co KPOU Poughkeepsie, NY 87 miles
St Anthony CYAY St. Anthony, Canada 87 miles
Orange Co KMGJ Montgomery, NY 89 miles
Camillus NY2 Camillus, NY 89 miles
Tri-Cities KCZG Endicott, NY 91 miles
Stewart International KSWF Newburgh, NY 91 miles
Randall 06N Middletown, NY 94 miles
Stormville N69 Stormville, NY 94 miles
Skaneateles 6B9 Skaneateles, NY 95 miles
Ticonderoga Mun 4B6 Ticonderoga, NY 95 miles
Anthonson NY28 Jordan, NY 95 miles
Rutland Southern Vermont Regional KRUT Rutland, VT 97 miles
Tompkins Co KITH Ithaca, NY 98 miles
Grund 5N3 Ithaca, NY 100 miles
Oswego Co KFZY Fulton, NY 100 miles