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Why Charter?

On Demand Jet Charter

On demand flights are pay-as-you-go and require no long term financial commitments. If you only need one or only a few flights per year or simply don’t want to make any commitment by buying hours or becoming a member of a program, Privé Jets is your best solution for on-demand charters.

By providing you access to over 6,000 aircraft Worldwide, Privé Jets is by far your best solution to all your on-demand jet charter needs. On demand private jet charters are a great solution for anyone looking to maximize their travel time. Private air charters put you in control of your itinerary – making long layovers and other delays a thing of the past. You can skip waiting in overcrowded terminals or the inconvenience of abruptly canceled flights.

Chartering a private plane is easy and convenient, just call us any time, day or night and let one of our expert agents walk you thru the process and see all the benefits you may have been missing. Private jet charter is the best solution to those long road shows that can take weeks via commercial airlines instead of just few days via private jets.

On Demand Jet Charter
Why Private Aviation?

Why Private Aviation?

Simply put, we can get you closer and faster to where and when you want to go. Travel at your convenience and style, skipping the hassles of commercial travel and flying conveniently in the private jet of your choice.

Running a little late? No worries. We won’t move an inch until you arrive. Maximize your travel time and land directly at an executive airport closest to your destination.

Flying commercial affords you few opportunities: coach or first class. Privé Jets' members have an entire fleet of corporate jets at their disposal. We understand that travel needs are as specialized and unique as our clients. That's why we offer our clients access to over 6,000 private aircraft Worldwide including: helicopters, turbo props, light jets, mid size and super mid size jets, heavy jets and even executive airliners with VIP configuration. With such a vast variety of private aircraft options you can be sure that we will always have the ideal private aircraft ready to take off for each one of your trips.

Exclusive accessibility

Private Aviation has become the preferred method of travel to fly to the most exclusive destinations around the World.

Destinations like Aspen or Vail have become favorite winter retreats of the wealthy. Due to weather conditions and limited availability of commercial flights, private charter jet travel is often the only way to arrive or take off from mountainous regions. To avoid inclement weather, the private charter aircraft can be rerouted to a nearby airport where you will be able to depart according to schedule and arrive safely at your final destination.

The Islands of the Caribbean are some of the most sought-after tropical destinations. Most Islands do not have very many frequent flights from major Worldwide cities. Private charter jets can take you directly to most of the islands avoiding commercial travel delays and long security lines. Private aviation allows you to enjoy and take advantage of your entire stay by arriving and departing at your preference and convenience.

Private charter aircraft can be utilized for luxury tours around South America, Africa, Asia and exclusive Worldwide tours. Luxury private charter jets are able to accommodate groups ranging from small families to large groups of passengers. Unlike commercial carriers, private charter aviation offers you the benefit of arriving to your destination with your entire group all at the same time without having to wait to rejoin your group having flown on different aircrafts.

With a variety of top-of-the-line luxury private charter jets, two risk-free card options, and an unflagging dedication to client satisfaction, Privé Jets is committed to offering you the private air charter experience you deserve.

Exclusive accessibility
Group Charters & Leisure Trips

Group Charters & Leisure Trips

Private group travel doesn’t have to be stressful. Privé Jets can help you arrive to your destination stress-free and in a fashionable manner. No matter the size of your party, you will still receive the same quality, personalized service that you expect from one of the largest private aviation charter providers.

Our team of experts can help you create the perfect itinerary for your group and make sure it meets your budget. Having your dedicated personal agent discuss all your available options for your particular group makes for the difference that sets us apart from other private charter providers, especially when working with tight budgets.

To charter your next private group flight, call us now and let one of our experts walk you thru all your options and process to arrange for your next private flight.

Have a Large Group?

If you are looking to fly more than 40 passengers then you are in the right place. Privé Jets can easily arrange a charter plane to fly groups of 50, 100, 150, 200 even 400 passengers to most Worldwide destination of your choice. Our vast Worldwide network of available private charter aircraft will ensure that the most suitable private charter airplane will be available for your mission.

  • Corporate Retreats
  • Large Weddings
  • Conventions
  • Promotional Tours
  • Concerts

Privé Jets can arrange for any size group travel needs, just contact one of our expert agents for more information and full details.

Have a Large Group?
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