Safety is our top priority. Only the best private aircraft, private charter flight crews, and private flight operators meeting the highest safety guidelines have been chosen for our use. All of our vendors not only exceed FAA requirements, but have private aircraft pilots who have been through meticulous training programs at the nation's top flight training facilities and possess thousands of hours of experience. Over the years they have a proven to be safe, professional, and reliable operators.


Privé Jets require certain criteria above and beyond the rigorous FAA requirements.

This includes a maintenance training program, minimum equipment requirements, a higher minimum level of pilot experience, and ongoing training in a certified simulator.

All Private Charter Aircraft used by Privé Jets are certified under FAA Regulations Part 135. This regulation establishes specific minimum safety and maintenance requirements and operation standards for the aircraft charter industry.

All certified operators that Privé Jets has partnered, carry a reliable insurance policy, suitable for the requirements of our customers.

Privé Jets requires that all professional private aircraft pilots who command the airplanes for our customers have a minimum of 3.500 hours of flight experience. All of these Professional Pilots exceed the minimum FAA requirements.

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