Citation XLS Mid Size Jet

Privé Jets has access to numerous Citation XLS's for charter. With just few hours notice Privé Jets can have a Citation XLS ready to depart.

Book a Citation XLS with Privé Jets and arrive directly to your final destination, avoiding connecting stops and unnecessary layovers.

Rent a Citation XLS and start arranging your flights based on your own schedule. Depart only when you are ready and arrive closer to your destination by landing in one of the thousands of executive airports or helipads around the world.

Charter a Citation XLS for your next flight and arrive rested and in less time than by flying commercially or driving.

With Privé Jets every flight is customized to your specific requirements, guaranteeing your total satisfaction and making every flight unique.

ManufacturerCessna Citation Jets
Cabin Size (ft)5.7H
Baggage (cubic ft.)87
Private Mid Size Jet Citation XLS Exterior

Private Mid Size Jet Citation XLS Interior

Private Mid Size Jet Citation XLS Floor Plan