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Why Charter?

With access to hundreds of more airports than commercial airlines, a private aircraft can get you closer and faster to your destination in a shorter time. Waiting over an hour to catch a plane, then commuting for another hour to reach your final destination is something of the past. By chartering an aircraft, executives can take full advantage of their time and become more productive.

Professionalism and luxury treatment is what you will receive when you choose to travel with us. Our team will provide you with seamless travel. By traveling with Privé Jets you will skip the hassles of airline travel such as parking, layovers, lengthy check in, security lines, and lost luggage. You will be able to travel luxuriously in the private jet of your choice. You can dine in elegance, conduct business, or simply relax if you choose. Running a little late? No worries. The aircraft will leave when you arrive. Travel with Privé Jets, and reduce your travel time by flying directly into an executive airport closest to your destination. We guarantee that you will arrive well rested and ready for your business meeting or well-deserved vacation.

Private Jet

Why Private Aviation?

Flying commercial affords you few opportunities: coach or first class. Privé Jets' members have an entire fleet of luxury private jets at their disposal. We understand that travel needs are as specialized and unique as our clients. That's why we offer our clients access to over 6,000 private aircraft worldwide including: helicopters, turbo props, light jets, midsize and super midsize jets, heavy jets and even jet airliners.

The professional pilots we use are the best and the brightest of private aviation. Each pilot exceeds FAA requirements and has a minimum of 5,000 hours of flight experience on a specific type of private aircraft. All the luxury private jets are furnished to your specifications and are maintained and inspected according to criteria that go above and beyond what the FAA requires. All private aircraft are certified under FAA Regulations Part 135; the industry standard in private aviation.

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Luxury Private Jet Vacations

Private Aviation has become the preferred method of travel to fly into some of the most exclusive destinations around the world.

Destinations like the Rocky Mountains have become favorite winter retreats of the wealthy. Due to weather conditions and limited availability of commercial flights, private jet travel is often the only way to arrive or take off from mountainous regions. To avoid inclement weather, the private aircraft can be rerouted to a nearby airport where you will be able to depart according to schedule and arrive safely at your final destination

The Islands of the Caribbean are some of the most sought-after tropical destinations. Most Islands do not have enough frequent flights from the major cities. Luxury private jets can take you directly to most of the islands avoiding commercial travel delays and long security lines. Additionally, private aviation allows you to enjoy your stay by departing at your convenience.

Private aircraft are also utilized for luxury tours around South America, Africa, Asia and exclusive worldwide tours. Luxury private jets can accommodate groups ranging from small families to large groups of up to 400 passengers. Unlike most commercial carriers, private aviation offers you the benefit of arriving at your destination with your entire group without having to separate.

With a variety of top-of-the-line luxury private jets, two risk-free card options, and an unflagging dedication to client satisfaction, Privé Jets is committed to offering you the air charter experience you deserve.